Our team

Etua Snowball

Executive Director

819-964-2592 #214

Abiola Boldon

Acting Human Resources Director

819-964-2592 #229

Krista Holts

Recovery Program Manager

819-964-2592 #231

Sara Jackson

Continued Care Manager

819-964-2592 #226

Souleye Ndiaye

Finance Manager

819-964-2592 #227

Alison Mesher

Inuit Values and Practices Coordinator – Youth Services

819-964-2592 #243

Emmanuel Delwaide-Begin

Coordinator – Administration Services

819-964-2592 #230

George Kauki

Inuit Values and Practices Coordinator – Land

819-964-2592 #223

Lucy Johannes

Coordinator – Food Services

819-964-2592 #238

Paul Robertson

Coordinator – Continued Care Services

819-964-2592 #219

Sarah May

Inuit Values and Practices Coordinator – Culture

819-964-2592 #206

Aani Forrest


Alanah Heffez

Recovery Counsellor – Youth

819-964-2592 #202

Annapik Eetook

Continued Care Counsellor (Kangirsuk)

Ashley Silversides

Recovery Counsellor

819-964-2592 #210

Benjamin Arreak

Elder Advisor


Catherine Leblanc Oweetaluktuk

Recovery Counsellor Trainee

819-964-2592 #235

Charleen Watt

Art Specialist

819-964-2592 #209

Dolly Mesher

Continued Care Counsellor

819-964-2592 #224

Elisapi Tulugak

Continued Care Counsellor (Puvirnituq)

819 988-0751

Emily Angnatuk


819-964-2592 #232

Emily Nicole Emudluk

Continued Care Counsellor

819-964-2592 #225

Eric Lemire

Security Guard

819-964-2592 #50

Hannah Tooktoo

Office Assistant

Jana Petagumskum

Cultural and Traditional Counsellor

819-964-2592 #208

Joshua Escobar

Continued Care Counsellor (Intake)

819-964-2592 #218

Kyle Deschamps

Maintenance Worker

819-964-2592 #250

Lally Partridge

Human Resources Generalist

819-964-2592 #216

Manumi Gordon

Administration Manager

819-964-2592 #215

Marc-Andre Thériault

Information technology services specialist

819-964-2592 #241

Mary Annanack

Accounting Clerk

Melodie Veilleux

Early Childhood Educator

819-964-2592 #203

Nathifa Fayola Regis

Recovery Counsellor

819-964-2592 #203

Nyomi Gordon

Early Childhood Educator

819-964-2592 #203

Pasha Partridge


819-964-2592 #250

Penina Cooper


819-964-2592 #238

Piari Gentes Kauki

Assistant Land Guide

819-964-2592 #223

Raymond Koneak

Security Guard

819-964-2592 #250

Renaud Paquette

Communication Officer

819-964-2592 #242

Sarah Grist

Cultural and Traditional Counsellor

819-964-2592 #207

Sheldon Whilteley

Land Guide

819-964-2592 #223

Siquaq Johannes

Assistant Cook

819-964-2592 #238

Thomas Gordon

Land Guide

819-964-2592 #223

Our Board
of Directors

David Forrest


Founder and president of Tivi Inc. since 1987, Dave reached out for help at Isuarsivik 18 years ago. He has lived more than half of his life in Kuujjuaq and has always been respected as an influential business man in Nunavik. Board member for over 20 years, Dave believes the organization is a cornerstone for Inuit re-empowerment.

Mary Aitchison


Mary’s background of study in Inuit education and 30-year career in the field allowed her to better understand the repercussions of the colonial era on herself and the Inuit society as a whole. Board member since 1998, she feels living the nomadic life with her parents and many siblings in her early years is what shaped her worldviews and values. She believes in education and recovery through culturally sensitive healing work to help re-empower her fellow Inuit.

Sean McDonald


A resident of Kuujjuaq from an early age, Sean has been the manager of Kuujjuaq weather station for over 23 years. He has also held various positions as a mechanic, educator, fisherman and manager.

Shirley White-Dupuis

Director Representing the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq

Shirley worked for more than 30 years as an interpreter, auxiliary nurse and accredited nurse for the Ungava Tullattavik Health Centre until retirement in 2014. Appointed by the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq 2018, she has served on the Board some years before and wishes to help in supporting Inuit to lead their lives in a healthy manner. Shirley’s vision is that her fellow Inuit become self-sufficient by empowerment and self-determination because she knows they are 100% capable.

Iola Metuq

Director Representing the population at large (Elders)

Originally from Nunavut, Iola lives in Inukjuak where he is retired from the St-Thomas Anglican Church. He worked for many years as a civil servant for the territory of Nunavut before dedicating the rest of his career as a priest in Nunavik. He continues to serve his community and his fellow Inuit from the Nunavik and Nunavut by contributing to various causes such as Inuit identity, men’s traditional and contemporary roles and powers, suicide prevention and recovery. Aside his high valued support to Isuarsivik, Iola is also the president of Nunavik Marine Region Wildlife Board and part of the Qajaq Network Board of Directors.

Kayla Lauzon-Annanack

Director Representing the population at large (Youth)

Kayla is an Inuk woman from Kuujjuaq who started beading when she was 9 years old. Beading has helped her a lot mentally and emotionally in life, and she is grateful that not only do she gets to enjoy her creations, but others as well. In 2016, Kayla won the Governor General’s Academic Medal at Jaanimmarik School.

Aliva Tookalook

Director Representing the population at large (Hudson)

Originally from Umiujaq, Aliva perfectly embodies the young Inuk who is proud of his roots and traditions in a modern context. Also involved on the Makivik Board of Directors as a representative of his community, Aliva is a seasoned fisherman and hunter who brings a valuable perspective to the Isuarsivik Board of Directors by sharing the realities his fellow Hudson coast Inuit in their intergenerational journey.

Dr. Charlotte Perret

Director Representing the Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre

Charlotte is a family doctor practicing in Kuujjuaq and Aupaluk since 2016 for the Ungava Tulatavik Health Centre. Strong advocate of the harm reduction approach, she has seen successful results with people facing addiction, homelessness and mental health problems in Quebec City. Board member since 2018, she aims to continuously improve the quality of care offered to Nunavimmiut.

Steven Kelly

Director Representing the Inuulitsivik Health Centre

Counting more than 25 years of experience in first and second-line services including treatment and rehabilitation programs implementation, Steven is the assistant director of community services on the Hudson coast. Board member since 2018, Steven is driven by empowerment and self-determination which he advocates for.