David Forrest, Chairperson

Founder and president of Tivi Inc. since 1987, Mr. Forrest reached out for help at Isuarsivik 18 years ago. He has lived more than half of his life in Kuujjuaq and has always been respected as an influential business man in Nunavik. Board member for over 20 years, Mr. Forrest believes the organization is a cornerstone for Inuit re-empowerment.

Mary Aitchison, Vice-Chairperson

Ms. Aitchison’s background of study in Inuit education and 30-year career in the field allowed her to better understand the repercussions of the colonial era on herself and the Inuit society as a whole. Board member since 1998, she feels living the nomadic life with her parents and many siblings in her early years is what shaped her worldviews and values. She believes in education and recovery through culturally-sensitive healing work to help re-empower her fellow Inuit.

Dr Charlotte Perret, Director representing the Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre

Dr Perret is a family doctor practicing in Kuujjuaq and Aupaluk since 2016 for the Ungava Tulatavik Health Centre. Strong defender of the harm reduction approach, she has seen successful results with people facing addiction, homelessness and mental health problems in Quebec City. Board member since 2018, she aims to continuously improve the quality of care offered to Nunavimmiut.

Jeannie Calvin, Director representing the population at large (Hudson)

Studying for a Bachelor of Applied Human science focused in Human relations from Concordia University, Jeannie has combined years of experience working for nonprofit organizations such as Nunavik Sivunitsavut, the Institut national de santé publique du Québec and the Inuulitsivik Health Centre. Originally from Kuujjuaraapik, she is a well-known Inuk woman appreciated for her enthusiasm and engagement for the region and its people.

Pamela Stevenson, Director representing the population at large (Youth)

Graduated from Quebec’s police school, École nationale de police du Québec, Pamela is the only Inuk woman officer working in Nunavik. Pamela is a dynamic, devoted and sensitive Kuujjuamiuk who is deeply proud of her Inuit roots. During her free time, she loves beading and making pualuk as well as riding her skidoo to go ice fishing.

Shirley White-Dupuis, Director representing the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq

Ms. White-Dupuis worked for more than 30 years as an interpreter, auxiliary nurse and accredited nurse for the Ungava Tullattavik Health Centre until retirement in 2014. Appointed by the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq 2018, she has served on the Board some years before and wishes to help in supporting Inuit to lead their lives in a healthy manner. Ms. White-Dupuis’s vision is that her fellow Inuit become self-sufficient by empowerment and self-determination because she knows they are 100% capable.

Steven Kelly, Director representing the Inuulitsivik Health Centre

Counting more than 25 years of experience in first and second line services including treatment and rehabilitation programs implementation, Mr. Kelly is assistant director to community services on the Hudson coast. Board member since 2018, Mr. Kelly is driven by empowerment and self-determination which he advocates for.

Sean McDonald, Director representing the population at large (Ungava)

A native of Newfoundland and a resident of Kuujjuaq from an early age, Mr. McDonald has been the manager of Kuujjuaq weather station for over 23 years. He has also held various positions as a mechanic, educator, fisherman and manager.

Vacant, Director representing the population at large (Elders)



Alicia Aragutak, Executive Manager (On maternity leave)

Abiola Boldon, Human Resources Manager

Aputik Forrest, Administrative Manager

Jessica Tooma, Coordinator – Inuit Values and Practices

Krista Holts, Recovery Program Manager

Qemal Cheema, Deputy Executive Director

Sara Jackson, Coordinator – Continued Care Services

Souleye Ndiaye, Finance Manager



Elsie Simigak, Traditional and Cultural Counsellor

George Kauki, Land Specialist

Lucy Johannes, Cook

Obi Njockobi, Lead – Trauma Addictions Counsellor

Rebecca Kasudluak, Counsellor Trainee

Sarah May, Receptionist

Shawn Morin, Addictions and Trauma Counsellor

Victoria Durocher, Liaison Worker



Allison May, Attendant

Amber Douthwright, Attendant

Ann-Marie Aitchison, Women’s Culture Teacher

Johnny Angnatuk, Attendant

Marcel Joseph Ethier Pichardo, Attendant

Micheal Petagumskum, Attendant

Pierre Martin, Night Attendant

Qirniulau Robert Rochefort, Attendant

Sarah Cain, Attendant

Steven Roffrey, Attendant

Therese Martin, Attendant

Vallee Saunders, Men’s Culture Teacher



Geneviève Dorval, Project Manager (On maternity leave)

Marie-Hélène Caron, Communications Strategist (On maternity leave)

Maxime Héroux, Construction Project Manager

Philippe-Alexandre Bourgouin, Coordinator, Development Plan

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