In-house recovery services

8-week Collective Recovery Program

The 8-week (60 days) Collective Recovery Program is a unique recovery experience designed exclusively for the Inuit of Nunavik to help you and your loved ones recover from past traumas and overcome the difficulties associated with substance use.

Whether you want to cope with trauma, reduce your overall consumption or start working towards complete self-discipline or abstinence, Isuarsivik offers you a holistic healing approach that combines the best modern practices in recovery with Inuit-developed healing tools and techniques to guide you toward a healthier lifestyle.

Collective recovery

Guests can attend the program on their own or accompanied by family members or anyone they consider important to their healing journey like their children, partner, siblings, grandparents, or foster or extended family.


We get a feeling of who we are from our collective group

Mary Aitchison

Healing on the land

An important portion of our program takes place outside, on the land. You will join various healing activities at our cabin, in tupiks, or outdoors around the centre. You will also participate in many exciting outings on the land, such as hunting, fishing, and berry picking.


Connection with culture and identity

Culture is a powerful tool for grounding, belonging and purpose, and is a major protective factor agains adversity and risk-taking. At Isuarsivik, our program offers experiential interventions based on Inuit culture and we strive for cultural safety.

60-day program themes

  • Connecting with Inuit values
  • Developing good relationships with yourself and others
  • Healing as a family and healthy parenting
  • Healing as a couple with counselling
  • Understanding trauma and intergenerational trauma
  • Walking through grief, shame and guilt
  • Digging up the roots of addiction and learning healthy coping skills
  • Learning anger management
  • Communicating in a healthy and positive way
  • Healing through culture and traditional knowledge
  • Healing through elders’ counselling and intergenerational learning

Healing in Inuktitut

The program takes place in English and Inuktitut, and most of the material is accessible in both languages. We also have an on-site interpreter and necessary interpretation equipment.

All-inclusive care services

We can guarantee you the best healing environment possible with an outstanding view on the Koksoak River, three meals per day plus snacks and beverages, shared accommodation, laundry facilities, art and sewing supplies, and more.

Welcome to pregnant people!

If you are expecting a baby and need some help to stop using alcohol or drugs, you are welcome to join the Collective Healing Program.

Daycare and tutoring services

We are fully equipped with a tutoring room and a daycare. While the young children are looked after by our educators, the school-aged ones continue their studies with our in-house teachers.

Special Needs and Accessibility

We are fully prepared to work with those living with physical handicaps, injuries or mobility issues. We offer 2 full adapted rooms (double bed, adapted shower, support bars), wheelchair ramps and a service elevator.

Am I eligible?

All beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA) aged 18 or older can apply.

I am ready to apply to the in-house service

You can access the Application Forms here and contact us at

819-964-2592 ext. 219

Email us at
at all times to speak with one of our liaison workers and get help to apply.