Loving, resilient, and confident Inuit living in safe and healthy communities.


Delivering holistic and culturally sensitive healing programs for Nunavimmiut to enhance their inner strength and wellbeing.


Our holistic healing approach is a blend of traditional Inuit values and the best of modern practices in the field of addiction and trauma.


Healing Through Culture


  • Inuuqatinnik suusutsasiarniq  (Inuuqatigiitsianiq)
    Respecting others, maintaining good relationships and caring for people
  • Tunnganarniq
    Fostering good spirits by being open, welcoming and inclusive
  • Pijitsiniq
    Serving and providing for family and/or community
  • Aajiiqatigiinniq/Qanurtuuqatigiinniq
    Decision making through discussion and consensus
  • Pijariursaniq/Ilinianiq
    Development of skills through observation, mentoring, practice, and effort
  • Ikajurtigiinniq/Katutjiqatigiinniq
    Working together for a common cause
  • Qanurtuuniq/Qanurtuurunnaniq
    Being innovative and resourceful
  • Avatittinik ippigusutsianiq
    Respect and care for the land, animals and the environment


Our Brand

Back in 1995, Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre launched a community logo contest to define the name of our organization and its visual identity. The artwork of Kuujjuamiut Alec Gordon was selected for the true meaning of its logo by highlighting a pussy willow (avalaqiak). A pussy willow is one of the strongest plants of the arctic and survives the harshest elements of weather even if it is on the tree line or tundra. It symbolizes resiliency. Since this plant renews itself and regrows every year in all parts of Nunavik, it became evident for our organization to associate the pussy willows bud with the life of people of the land who want to reborn or start afresh from negative vicious circle linked to addiction.

‘Isuarsivik logo refinement is brilliantly done and shows the continuity of the organization’s evolution with the years. I’m so pleased to see the pussy willow in a more modern style but still with the same cultural foundation. The new logo is visually appealing and has kept its original meaning of renewal in one’s life or transformation into wellbeing. Since the pussy willow renews every year and goes through such a metamorphosis, so does Isuarsivik by helping people recover from substance abuse and transform into healthy, confident individuals.’ – Alec Gordon, creator of original logo, 1995

In 2019, the organization wanted to beautify the original art with consideration of the design sensibilities and norms but also to the organization’s major evolution detailed in its 20-year development plan. The logo refinement shows the continuous progress of Isuarsivik during the first quarter century and sets the tone for the organization in the coming years as we will spread the great news and promote our services region-wide.