Our History

Established in 1994, Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre was first initiated under the leadership of the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq and the support of Makivik Corporation. Originally, Isuarsivik was a community-based organization dedicated to offering specialized addiction services to Kuujjuamiut only.

The first years passed and the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services was gradually recognizing the need to offer more services for people dealing with substance abuse in Nunavik. In 1998, Isuarsivik accepted to open its residential program for all JBNQA beneficiaries.

In 2000, the Centre lacked funds and faced some struggles. Plus, the inpatient program was a close adaptation of recovery approach to southern regions with some adjustments from an Inuit perspective. However, the outcome of this program was not successful. Then, the Board of Directors (BOD) needed to overhaul staff and operations so they decided to temporarily shut the doors of the organization.

In 2002, a fresh northern wind blew on Isuarsivik. The Centre reopened and was officially registered under the Registraire des Entreprises du Québec. A new BOD is created and became one of the first Boards in the region to made up of volunteers.

In 2006, the new leadership reinvigorated Isuarsivik’s mandate and decided to invest in the development of a distinct approach to substance abuse rehabilitation building on the experience of a group of dedicated professionals and community-based volunteers from Nunavik. Together, they designed a custom-made healing program founded on Inuit values and complemented by best practices in the field of addictions. The program became a unique and specific Inuit trauma-informed service approach to substance abuse.

Since then, Isuarsivik has relied on a comprehensive knowledge, an experienced and skilled team as well as a unique cultural approach to assist Inuit of Nunavik in their individual journey towards an addiction free lifestyle. Our 42-day inpatient program with Inuktitut material and counseling has built on our reputation.

The BOD’s devotion and engagement has had a very positive influence on Isuarsivik future. Efforts, faith and leadership have significantly driven the organization to better fulfill its mission and continuously listen to our region’s growing needs in terms of intergenerational trauma awareness and substance abuse recovery.

Our 25th Anniversary

In 2019, Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre is celebrating its 25th anniversary of delivering quality and culturally-based inpatient addictions services to Inuit of Nunavik. During this quarter century, our organization has struggled on different operational levels but thanks to our dedicated, volunteer Board of Directors, Isuarsivik is now flourishing with many exciting projects.

Such a milestone deserves to be celebrated properly, and Isuarsivik is taking advantage of this year’s celebration to fine-tune its brand, update its website and communication tools as well as producing a corporate video. It is also a great opportunity to thank our long-term partners who has been supporting our mission since the very beginnings. By celebrating our 25th anniversary, we want to kick off a successful next quarter century for the benefit of all Inuit of Nunavik in need of our services.