Main Building

The present Centre is located in the community of Kuujjuaq and was built by the American Air Force in 1943. The facility features three (3) dorm rooms, a dining area, a small calling room and a comfortable area for guests to walk through their recovery steps. Each morning, guests wake up to fresh coffee and tea and healthy breakfast options, ready to go for a nice group walk on the land. Our kitchen staff is always working hard to make sure all meals are balanced and nutritious while including as much country food as possible. Our community hunters and fishers contribute by providing fresh and healthy caribou, fish, beluga and seal to complement the cultural aspect of our healing program.


The Centre can accommodate nine (9) gender-specific guests at a time. There are three (3) dorm rooms with three (3) single beds. We provide bed sheets and towels for each guest which also have access to a nightstand and a small drawer to store their belongings. There is one bathroom with a bathtub and a toilet, as well as another common bathroom with two (2) separate bathtubs and two (2) toilet stalls.