Inpatient Individual Program

Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre has been delivering quality and culturally-based inpatient addictions services to Inuit of Nunavik’s 14 communities for 25 years. Our Inpatient Individual Program responds to a serious regional problem by supporting people facing alcohol and drug addiction.

Our Inpatient Individual Program is a 6-week (42 days) long session at the Centre located in Kuujjuaq (Nunavik) where guests get to attend a variety of healing workshops and activities, eat healthy food and sleep in a safe dormitory environment.

Our certified addiction counselors provide education on addiction and related behaviours, healing from unresolved trauma and grief and regaining spiritual and cultural awareness. The journey includes outings on the land for hunting, fishing and berry picking as well as cultural activities such as sewing, beading and carpentry. Guests attend alcoholic anonymous meetings three times a week and are offered the option to go to church on Sundays. They also visit with elders regularly and receive presentations from various regional partners also concerned with meeting the needs of those struggling with varied societal issues.

At Isuarsivik, we believe that recovery from addictions requires a better understanding of our history and childhood traumas alongside the history of the resilience of our ancestors. This holistic approach will build on our guests’ strengths, with clinical work that supports the reinforcement of our cultural identity. The program aims to foster wellbeing through abstinence although it is adapted to each of our guest’s personal goals and respects their strengths and experiences. Our team values harm reduction practices as a non-judgmental approach to supporting guests to reduce the impact of alcohol and drugs on their body, work life, family life and social life.

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