Inpatient Family Program – To come

We are looking forward to implementing our Inpatient Family Program specifically designed to welcome family members throughout the recovery process. In short, this new service would support couples, families with children, and pregnant women by lessening the impact of substance abuse on the household.

Our Inpatient Family Program initiative would be accessible with the new Centre in 2021 and would feature family units, a daycare area and a school room. Appropriate staff would be trained to support guests’ families.

A working committee involving different Inuit stakeholders such as Saturviit Women Association of Nunavik, Qarjuit Youth Council and Kativik Ilisarniliriniq was created in 2017. The committee’s mandate is to support Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre’s clinical team in the development of the Inpatient Family Program components by submitting recommendations to be implemented.