Our Development Plan

A study conducted by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services in 2015 concluded that the cost related to alcohol abuse in Nunavik is a shocking $72M per year when the costs of incarceration, health problems, policing, and lost employment/productivity are factored in.

Colonization, the residential school system, assimilation and subsequent changes, both radical and swift, experienced by the Inuit of Nunavik have had grave repercussions on families, communities and regional organizations.

Substance abuse issues are associated with high mortality rates, a worrisome prevalence of foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), an alarming level of recorded crime and suicides, an over-representation of Inuit within correction services and a severely disproportionate level of reports to the DYP and placement of children.

In 2016, our Board of directors adopted a Development Plan in response to the needs and priorities identified by the Inuit of Nunavik. The plan calls for the construction of a new Centre and program and services expansion including the:

  • Revision of the current individual adult program to make it more trauma-informed;
  • Development of an Inpatient Family Program to welcome whole families and support them in their recovery journey;
  • Development of specialized services for pregnant women to prevent FASD;
  • Deployment of a network of Inuit addictions counselors to offer outpatient and aftercare services;
  • Building of a 22 bed-facility that will allow Isuarsivik to welcome up to 175 guests annually;
  • Expanding of Isuarsivik’s team from 20 to 43 employees;
  • Building of 12 staff-housing units to welcome additional specialized resources.