Continued Care Services

At Isuarsivik, we believe that enhancing our guests’ journey towards recovery starts with an inclusive continuum of care. And we do so by offering pre-care and aftercare services directly in the communities of Nunavik through the support of our Community Addictions Counsellors. Our Community Addictions Counsellors are good listeners and natural healers who care about the impact of substance abuse on people living in their community.


Starting a Conversation

Our pre-care services are there to initiate a first contact with people struggling with addictions in the Nunavik communities. Our goal is to accompany these people and walk with them throughout their recovery journey. We will meet them wherever they are at and help them take action.


Continuing the Process

Our aftercare services offer ongoing support to former guests following their 6-week program at the Centre. Once the guests are back to their home community, they can access aftercare support on a chosen frequency. The support provided is designed in an intervention plan that includes available ressources in the community.


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