DAVE FORREST, chairperson

Dave first arrived in Nunavik in 1972. Except for a few years, when he went to university, he has stayed. He has 3 daughters, 1 son (deceased) and 8 grandchildren They all reside in Kuujjuaq. Dave founded Tivi Inc. in 1987 and it is now majority owned by his daughters. He still serves as president. Dave reached out for help at Isuarsivik Treatment Centre 18 years ago and has been on the Board of Directors for over 17 years. He believes Isuarsivik to be a cornerstone for Inuit reimpowerment.

MARY AITCHISON, vice-chairperson

Mary comes from a large Gordon family and is a mother of four children and grandmother to eleven, who give her purpose and pure enjoyment in her. Mary feels living the nomadic life with her parents and many siblings in her early years is what shaped her worldviews and values. Living in the land during the winter, traveling by dog team and going out to Ungava Bay to live off the sea waters is now a surreal picture in her mind. She remembers vividly the upheaval of this style of living when the Government in the late 50’s ordered relocation to settlement.

Mary’s background of study in Inuit education and 30 years career in the field allowed her to better understand the repercussions of the colonial era with herself and Inuit society as a whole. She believes and has lived the reality of re-empowerment of self and among her fellow Inuit through education as well as recovery through healing work. This grounded her in her volunteer effort with youth and adults promoting wellness and cultural identity.

Mary believes strongly that recovery from addictions requires a better understanding of our history and childhood traumas alongside the history of the resiliency of our ancestors. Such a holistic approach must be building on our strengths with clinical work that supports strengthening cultural identity.

SAMMY DUNCAN, treasurer

Sammy is the first Inuk to be recognized by Canada’s Governor General as a Native role-model, he was the first entrepreneur to bring television broadcasting and digital broadcast to the North and he has successfully integrated internet through co-axial cable to the North. Sammy is a member of the board of directors for Isuarsivik Treatment center since April 2008, and has been a board member for multiple other organizations such as APTN, K.R.D.C., both Iqitauvik and Tumiapiit Childcare centers, and for T.N.I.. Sammy has also been a council member for Northern Village of Kuujjuaq and is the President and C.E.O for both Nunavik Communications and Nunavik Enterprises Inc.

MARTHA GREIG, Elder representative

Martha was born in Cape Hope Advance Bay just outside of Quataq ,Nunavik. She now lives in Kuujjuaq. Martha is married with 3 children,13 grandchildren,6 great-grandchildren. She is presently lay reader at St.Stephen Anglican church and also a municipal councilor member. Martha was appointed from the municipality of Kuujjuaq to seat in the Board of Isuarsivik on behalf of the council. She retired from her Residential school support worker’s position on March 31st, 2017.

Her concern is to give people a chance to take that step to healthier living for the betterment of healthy productive future of Nunavik people.