Isuarsivik operates from a Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual lens with Inuit culture at its heart. Its integrated and holistic approach draws from Inuit knowledge, culture, and values as well as best practices in the field of addiction, and is best suited when it comes to understanding how addiction develops, and in responding to the need for healing. Isuarsivik believes in the wholeness of people, families, and communities, and work towards healing with the whole person and group in mind to guide its intervention.


  • Taking good care of our physical selves.
  • Balanced diet (country food, cooking lessons).
  • Safe environment to heal/rest.
  • Trauma informed movement/exercise.
  • Access to medical care.
  • Responding to trauma in the body; healing our nervous system.


  • Increasing resilience through connection with traditions; practices, and beliefs.
  • Honouring and remembering ancestors and strengths.
  • Working through grief.
  • Deepening a senso of meaning and purpose in life.
  • Connecting to hope
  • Learning from elders about traditional teaching.
  • Connection with nature and animals on the land.
  • Mentorship from elders.


  • Learning how to be compassionate to yourself, in good relationship with yourself.
  • Decolonizing our understanding of mental health and wellness.
  • Access to mental health supports; individual, group and family counselling.
  • Understanding the importance of interconnectedness and relationships.
  • Learning and education about trauma and addiction, and how to heal.
  • Expanding coping stragegies.
  • Building skills to respond to experiences of trauma.
  • Life skills developments.


  • Responding to social conditions that affect mental health :
    • Building financial literacy.
    • Housing advocacy.
    • Education referrals.
    • Guest speakers
    • Support for pregnant women and parents.
  • Exploring wellness activities (arts/crafts, practicing traditional activities, working together on the land).
  • Creating healthy connections in recovery.
  • Collective healing in groups and outdoors.

Our pillars of service

Our 8-week Collective Recovery Program takes root in three pillars of service: harm reduction, cultural safety, and trauma-informed care. These pillars are particularly relevant in the context of decolonizing healing in Nunavik, and ensure that the program delivery is adequate to meet Inuit’s needs.