Alicia Aragutak, Executive Director

Originally from Umiujaq Qc, Alicia is a new mother and an active youth advocate in Nunavik and in Inuit Nunangat. She takes her part in community based projects within Cultural Identity and youth initiatives. She believes strongly in education for Inuit to combat social issues within the region. To date, Alicia is a newer member of Isuarsivik & she feels strongly about empowering Inuit by providing tools to combat the unfortunate realities in Nunavik linked to substance abuse.

Genevieve Dorval, Project Manager

I am originally from Quebec City, and I lived several years in Montreal. I hold a master’s degree in anthropology from the Université de Montréal. I have been hired at Isuarsivik as a project manager in October 2016, and my mandate was to develop a family approach for the new Isuarsivik Center and to help the Center become accredited with Accreditation Canada. I became Interim Executive Director in October 2017. But the title doesn’t really matter because at Isuarsivik, everyone’s job description fits in one word: everything. It’s a privilege for me to be a part of the Isuarsivik family.

SOULEYE NDIAYE, Financial Manager

I hold a master degree in the field of public administration at the national school of Public Administration (ENAP) Montreal, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Administration within the field of finance at the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM). I have more than 10 years of experience while working at Northern Quebec Module in Montreal and Health Board in Kuujjuaq respectively as Accounting and Financial Agent. Since May 2011, I work as part time attendant at Isuarsivik Recovery Center and I learned a lot about Inuit’s culture with clients.

Rebecca Kasudluak, Counsellor Trainee

Rebecca Kasudluak, Counsellor Trainee

I am from Inukjuak but I have been living in Montreal since 2007. I started working for Isuarsivik on February 2018. I have found what I love to do and I could not be happier. I have been in this kind of field for about 10 years. I love being around people and connecting with them, hearing their stories, their laughter and everything else in between is my comfort zone. I have a passion for sewing and photography, I mainly take pictures of nature and portraits. I enjoy being outdoors, anything that has to do with Inuit culture I love it. Kuujjuaq feels like home and I am very happy to be here.

GEORGE KAUKI, Cultural guide

I have been working for Isuarsivik since December 2015. I enjoy taking clients out on the land and giving them fresh air, cultural knowledge and time outside the center. I also like to work in the center and giving tips and tricks on a sober path and getting to know clients. I have been sober since 2011 and I now have a beautiful daughter that I look forward to raising in a safe sober environment.

VALLEE SAUNDERS, Men’s Cultural teacher

Born in Fort Chimo. Vallee has relocated to Kuujjuaq in 1955 and has lived here ever since. Vallee has been teaching traditional skills to Isuarsivik clients for 7 years. He teaches net making/repairing and mending, making traditional ropes, berry picking in the summer, traditional knives (Ulu), Harpoon heads, and also teaches traditional skills for on the land hunting and more.


Recovery is the foundation of my entire life today. Born in Edmundston, N.B., I graduate in 1978, moved to Kuujjuaq in 1988 and worked for Hydro-Quebec for 20 years. I did my treatment at Isuarsivik in 1997. Then in 2012, I started working evenings part time as attendants while I was working at the Kuujjuaq Inn as assistant manager. I finally chose to stay full time at Isuarsivik. I completed some training from Achieve training center since 2013: emotional intelligence, mediation and conflict resolution skills. I would like to learn more and even become a counselor. My best training is from being in recovery myself. My favorite hobbies are arts and craft, reading and meditation. Today I choose joy.

PIERRE MARTIN, Attendant/Maintenance

I was born in Saguenay lac St-Jean, grew up on the south shore of Montreal and I studied until I was 17. I was passionate about cycling. I would do many kilometers a week and I was training seriously. Then I started working for many years in a garage that was owned by my uncle. I was very good and fast with my hands, so I learned to be a part of a good team of mechanics that taught me the profession. I worked as a mechanics here at Sanavik garage when I arrived in Kuujjuaq in 2011. Since 2013 I work at Isuarsivik. I am a very grateful recovering addict since 2004. I love my job and it’s helping me live my program of recovery. I’m a spiritual person. I love nature and doing meditation.


My family and I have been residents of Nunavik (Kuujjuaq), for 10 years and I have been a member of the Isuarsivik team since 2015. I enjoy the time spent at the center, seeing and working with my colleagues while talking and meeting the clients from various communities around the region. Everyone has a story to share and I love listening. I hold a Bachelor degree in Social Work and a Masters degree in Indigenous Studies. I am also certified by the ICBOC as an Addiction Prevention Specialist Level 1. Isuarsivik is a family and community organization and I am fortunate to be part of it.


Trina Wellman, Cook

From Old Fort Bay, Lower North Shore, QC. I have a business DEC but it never really mattered ha! I took a job as a cook, shortly after graduating, with a Kuujjuaq based hunting/fishing outfitter in 2003. Falling in love with the people, the culture and the surrounding lands of Kuujjuaq was immediate. I never felt too far away from my own home. I spent the last 11 years cooking for a geological consulting company exploring in the vicinity of Kuujjuaq. Although, today I am very proud to be a member of the Isuarsivik family. I have no basic training as a chef, only a few years of experience and a sheer passion for cooking, creating and sharing. I pride myself on my secret main ingredient, an ingredient that should be used first on every dish. Just kidding, I don’t keep it a secret, it’s Love! I cook with my heart and serve everything with a smile. Gathering, preparation and sharing of food is one of the most important and gratifying times of day. It is a true pleasure for me to welcome everyone to Isuarsivik’s family table to share.