Isuarsivik offers 5 gender-specific cycles throughout the year. It currently has a capacity of 9 clients per cycle. A specialized addiction counsellor supervises the treatment cycles.

Program components include individual and group counselling sessions, education on addiction and related behaviours, healing from unresolved trauma and grief, and spiritual and cultural awareness. The program and material are available in Inuktitut. Activities include outings on the land for hunting, fishing and berry picking, as well as cultural activities such as sewing, beading, carpentry, and more. Clients attend AA meetings three times a week and are offered the option to go to church on Sundays. They visit elders regularly and receive presentations from some partners of Isuarsivik: DYP, CLSC and KRPF.



Isuarsivik uses a holistic approach, and all staff and Board members strive to provide physical, emotional, mental and psychological safety and well-being to the clients.
The models of therapy used at Isuarsivik are:

  • The Relapse Prevention model;
  • The Minnesota model;
  • The Trauma Adaptive Recovery Group Education and Therapy (TARGET);
  • The cognitive-behavioral therapy.

The program’s goal is to foster well-being through abstinence although it is recognized and respected that, for many clients, their objective might be to reduce the negative impacts of their problematic use of substance. In order to better respond to the needs of the clients, Isuarsivik is consistently adjusting its approach and is increasingly including elements of the harm reduction approach.



Isuarsivik employs Certified Addiction Counsellors who facilitate group processes and lectures addressing a variety of topics:

  • Trust building
  • Honesty
  • Boundaries
  • Alcohol, drugs, and their effects
  • Defense mechanisms
  • Communication
  • Trauma
  • Shame
  • Grief and loss
  • Suicide
  • Anger management
  • Violence
  • Compassionate healing
  • Inuit principles of recovery
  • Self-esteem
  • Healthy relationships
  • Relapse prevention
  • Personal self-care plans and aftercare



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