Substance abuse impacts everyone and every organization in Nunavik. Isuarsivik and the health sector alone will not be able to successfully address this crisis. Every local and regional organization, individuals, families, and communities, as well as all levels of government, need to work together in a coordinated and structured way towards healing and healthy living.

Isuarsivik is part of the Nunavik health and social services network and Nunavik Addictions Advisory Committee, a cross-sector partnership table coordinated by the NRBHSS. Isuarsivik is also a proud member of Saqijuq, an Inuit initiative to support social regulation in Nunavik. Through Saqijuq, local, regional and provincial partners aim to reduce criminality, judicialization, and harm caused by substance abuse. Saqijuq brings together the Kativik Regional Government, Makivik Corporation, NRBHSS and KRPF from Nunavik as well as the following Quebec government departments: Justice, Public Safety and Health and Social Services.


Isuarsivik’s main funding partners are:


Clients are referred to Isuarsivik by


Partners for training


Local partners

  • Northern Village of Kuujjuaq: funding; carpentry shop; sewing center; community activities (Forum; activities on the land);
  • Nayumivik Land Holding Corporation: supporting the construction project for the new Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre;
  • Local Youth Protection Services: information on the Youth Protection Act and services;
  • Local CLSC point of service from Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre: information on alcohol and drugs and their effects, FASD, services, parenting, healthy sexuality;
  • Local Kativik Regional Police Force: Information on the law and services.
  • Local legal aid office: Information on the law and services.