The New Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre

At Isuarsivik, we have been delivering quality and culturally sensitive addictions services to Nunavimmiut for more than 20 years.

Today, we must decline requests for admission at every cycle. Our building is one of the oldest in Kuujjuaq: it was built by the American Air Force in 1943. It is too small to admit more than 9 clients at a time. The premises are not designed to welcome families and children, they can only visit.

Our Board of directors has adopted the Isuarsivik Development Plan 2016-2036. This plan is our way to contribute to Inuit’s journey towards recovering health, power, and future.

Our main goals are:

1st: Improving the current services and organization
Strengthening the organization and its programming to ensure the quality of services offered to clients, to guarantee a healthy working environment for staff, proper housing, and enough office space.

  • The team will grow from 10 employees to more than 40. A regional training program is being set-up with NRBHSS.

2nd: Increasing capacity to welcome clients
Isuarsivik will be able to welcome each adult Nunavimmiut who wants to receive culturally relevant treatment services in Nunavik.

  • Build a new center for 2020 with a total of 22 beds that will accommodate clients of both genders simultaneously.

3rd: Developing a family approach
A family approach to our treatment services that can support couples, families with children and pregnant women by lessening the impact of substance abuse on the household, is being developed by Inuit stakeholders.

  • Family units, daycare area, and a school room will be built and staff will be trained to support families.

4th: Supporting Nunavimmiut in their own community
Through a partnership with NRBHSS and Saqijuq, Isuarsivik will provide counseling and aftercare to clients in their own communities.

  • Local Inuit addictions counselors will be hired and trained to offer community-based services. This will harmonize support from the Center to the communities.

Our progress is steady:

  • we have secured the land for the new building in cooperation with Nayumivik Land Holding Corporation;
  • preliminary design of the building has started with our longtime collaborators from EVOQ architecture;
  • our operational budget is gradually increasing thanks to our partnership with the NRBHSS;
  • we started hiring additional staff in preparation for the new center;
  • we are collaborating with NRBHSS and Nechi Training, Research & Health Promotions Institute to deliver in Nunavik an accredited and certified regional training program for our addictions workers;
  • a working committee is completing recommendations for designing the family approach for our rehabilitation programs;
  • our project has received official support from Makivik Corporation; Kativik Regional Government; Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services; Northern Village of Kuujjuaq; Ungava MNA Jean Boucher;
  • discussions regarding infrastructure funding are underway with Société du Plan Nord; Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones; Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux du Québec; Health Canada.


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