‘The construction of a new facility is important and critical not only for the delivery of enhanced services but as a symbol of the Inuit of Nunavik’s efforts to regain control over the region’s future, through empowerment and promotion of Inuit culture, practices and pride.’ – David Forrest, Chairperson

Project Presentation

The major component of the Development Plan is the building of an extended facility that meets technology and culture standards. As of 2021, Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre will enjoy its new building that will offer:

  • Three times more beds to welcome guests (up to 22 guests at a time compared to 9 guests);
  • Two separate lodging wings to accommodate both genders at the same time;
  • Accommodation for partners and children who would be interested in participating in the rehabilitation program;
  • Convenient space for individual counseling as well as group counseling and most of all cultural activities;
  • Family units, daycare area and a school room to enable the Inpatient Family Program to fully undertake its goals;
  • More office space for employees.